Interview with Keith Barron

Keith Barron Interview Munich 11 November 2018


  1. Q: What went through your head when you set foot on Comet Well/Purdy’s Reward
    1. Keith Barron went to Purdy’s Reward not to Comet Well. Mining PR and Comet Well will be “a license to print money”.
  2. Q: Do you still believe CW will be the cheapest gold mine in the world?
    1. Yes it will still be the cheapest.
  3. Q: Are you planning to revisit the Pilbara?
    1. Yes
  4. Q: Have you been to Egina? If not, do you plan to visit Egina?
    1. Not to Egina yet. Will want to visit but KB has to find the time.
  5. Q: Are you planning to write another article?
    1. Will probably write another one.
  6. Q: You and Bob Moriarty agree that trial mining is the way forward. Why do you think that it took Novo so long to get to that conclusion, after months of extremely slow processing at SGS?
    1. Trial mining was the plan all along. Quarry license was denied. Novo will bulk mine forever. Maybe they will not produce a JORC resource ever.
  7. Q: In your article you mentioned the use of Steinert machines. Will the use of these machines allow for a direct shipping operation of the filtered mineralized ore?
    1. Novo has Steinerts and Tomras. Novo will filter the gold out of the rock. The end result of ore sorting looks like a huge pile of nuggets. These will be turned into (gold) bricks and shipped to the Perth Mint.
  8. Q: Will Beatons Creek become a real mine?
    1. Beatons Creek will become a mine. This mine will finance the exploration efforts.
  9. Q: If you were CEO and chairman of Novo, would you be working on conglomerate gold, or more convenient targets in the Pilbara?
    1. Conglomerate gold. It is a license to print money.
  10. Q: What is QH doing that you don’t understand? If anything at all?
    1. Everything QH does makes sense. KB would not do anything differently.
  11. Q: Which Pilbara companies do you like best?
    1. Novo and De Grey are worthwhile investments. Artemis is not. Radio Hill is antiquated and Novo does not need it at all.

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